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Basic fundraising information/disclaimer

All funds earned go DIRECTLY into the player's G3 account. Funds can be used for anything billed through G3 Sports and Fitness (Club, Academy, Beach, Gym Membership, etc). At NO time will G3 Sports and Fitness pay funds directly to a player or their family. 

Funds will remain on the players account.

2024-2025 Fundraising Oppertunities


Volunteers will earn $20 per hour working as an usher or gate agent at the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials and the University of Oregon Football games. 

Must be 16 and older


Volunteers will earn between $100 and $200 per game working for Qdoba at the Oregon State Beavers football games. 


Order Forms for 2024 will go out in November. Above is info from 2023 to give you an idea of what the fundraiser looks like. 

Be on the lookout for new and additional fundraising oppertunities as they come up

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