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What is a Volleyball Academy?

The G3 volleyball academy is our year-round volleyball development program. Training within our academy is focused on skill-development and working on the fundamental and advanced skills of volleyball. In addition to skills training, we offer athletes the opportunity to put those into action during competitive drills and games. Athletes are able to progress through 4 different skill levels, starting in our introductory B1 level, and progressing through our top Elite level. Friendships are formed through hard work and commitment and these players will become future teammates in club. The key to development for our academy athletes is that they are regularly pushed out of their comfort zone with support from their peers.

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Why join academy?

It is a coaches job to create a "team." That means that everyone has their unique skills and it is up to the coach to utilize those to benefit the team. That also means that a setter may not have a lot of opportunity to practice hitting. Sometimes in competitive play, weak skills are not given adequate practice time because coaches are busy creating a team, teaching rotations and working on specific skills. The academy fits nicely with all team play as it allows for repetitive practice of basic skills.

What is academy?

Our volleyball academy offers weekly practice times for players to work on all volleyball skills. Instruction includes fundamental and advanced training in serving, passing, setting, hitting and blocking. The academy is broken up by skill level (Elite, AA, A, and B1), not necessarily age. Our training environment encourages learning new skills and enhancing your existing skills. Our academy sessions include skill development and an opportunity to use those skills in a competitive environment.

Indoor Academy: Services

Academy Schedule

June 1, 2024- November 1, 2024

Current Academy Times Reflected Below 

Practice times will change again Nov 1 to accomodate for our club teams during club season

Monday 4:30-6:00

Sunday 11:30-1:00

Monday 6:00-7:30

Sunday 1:00-2:30

Wednesday 6:00-7:30

Sunday 2:30-4:00

Wednesday 4:30-6:00

Sunday 2:30-4:00

Fill out the information below to get more information about our academy or express your interest in signing up. You will receive an automated response with all of the pricing, tryout and contract details. Once you have reviewed the details, please email to continue the trial process.  

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