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If your athlete is interested in honing in on a specific volleyball skill or would like more direct, one on one feedback, private lessons might be right for you! We have several coaches willing to give private lessons and each of them has a different speciality area. All of our coaches are proficient in teaching the basics to new players as well!

Individual Lessons — One-on-one instruction working on the skill or skills of your choice! This is great if you are wanting one-on-one help with a certain skill or skills or you just want to improve your technique to get more consistent results.

Semi-Private Lessons — Small groups of 2 or 3 players working on the skill or skills of their choice. This type of lesson works best when the goals of all the players are similar. For example, all players are hitters and want to improve hitting technique, or a setter and a hitter want to work on connecting better on sets or want to work on quick sets.

How do I schedule a lesson?​

1. Contact G3 Volleyball at to be put in contact with a coach.

2. The coach will contact G3 to set up a lesson and reserve your time.

3. When you arrive for the lesson - please stop at the front desk and pay the $10 court fee.

4. Have the lesson with the coach and pay the coach the agreed upon price for the lesson.

Private Lessons: Service
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